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Narcissist and Sociopath Coping Strategies…

toxic triangulation

Cluster B, Histrionic, Narcissistic, Borderline, Anti-Social Personalities… What he says is SO #TRUE he says “Always listen to your GUT!! Your #GUT contains some 100 million neurons, more than in either the spinal cord or the peripheral nervous system, and is considered the #SECONDBRAIN…” #iAlwaysListenToMyGut and it never fails me! Narcissist and Psychopath Coping Strategies: Submissive Posture Signs Someone Is Using Psychological […]

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Nietzsche, “Slave Morality” and the “Fake Morality” of the Co-Dependent…

narcissist , walking on egg shells, abuse

   Nietzsche, “Slave Morality” and the “Fake Morality” of the Co-Dependent The emotion at the heart of the narcissist…    Unveiling Narcissistic Families…   Gaslight: Down the Rabbit Hole CPTSD and Borderline Made Simple   Narcissists Re-Idealizing Old Sources of Supply” my riff on a Sam VaKnin video   Ben Harper – Call It What […]

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Zombie Witchdoctors of Narcissistic Abuse…

narcissist , walking on egg shells, abuse

The Zombie Witchdoctors of Narcissistic Abuse   Narcissistic Abuse: An Unspoken Reality (Short Documentary) The emotion at the heart of narcissism When The Covert Narcissist Finds Out About Narcissism (Blame Shifting And Projection) CPTSD and Covert Narcissistic Abuse   Recover from CPTSD and break the zombie witch doctor’s spell over you.   Help Me… Help […]

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Understanding the Mind of a Narcissist, Sociopath and or Borderline…

narcissist, sociopath, demon, gaslighting

Covert Salad” – how covert narcissists use word salad as a tactic   Everyone should be aware of these people. It’s said that 1 out of every 20 people is a Sociopath. 1 out of 3 females and 1 out of 4 men are Borderline. WOW! and 6% are Narcissists but I know it’s way […]

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Eagle Lake & Mountain Junkie Photoshoot…


Mountain Junkie photoshoot was a success. Eagle & Stone Lake, Central Cascades — Stevens Pass – West PARKING PASS REQUIRED: NW Forest Pass Many of the recent  reports have been failed attempts to make it up to Eagle Lake. If you want to get there easy, look up the “Fisherman’s Trail”. The road is a little rough, […]

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Donate and help us… Next spring we will be riding our bicycles from Washington to the Florida Keys… YAY!

us biking road map

We are doing this fundraiser for:     Help Us by Donating Today… CheersThank You!!!   “The Mountain Junkie Sea to Keys Road Bike Tour” Next spring we will be riding our bicycles from Washington to the Florida Keys… YAY! In 2011 we biked from Western, WA. to Idaho and loved every minute of it. […]

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Ancient Knowledge…

truth seeker

Ancient Knowledge – Full Movie Sacred Geometry, Ancient Technology, Spirituality, Consciousness, Hidden History, Lost Civilizations, Energy, Coral Castle, Magnetism, Illuminati, Suppression, Religion, Astrology, Numerology, Philosophy, Esoteric and Occult Knowledge, and more…   Help Us by Donating Today… CheersThank You!!!  

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The Biggest Secrets, the Ancient History of Humankind…

Ancient Knowledge

It is fascinating to realize that it may be possible to know more about this 6,000-year-old civilization than we may ever know about the more recent Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. The explanation lies in the Sumerian cuneiform writing. Whereas the papyrus of other elder empires disintegrated over time or was destroyed by the fires of […]

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What Is Light? What Are Radio Waves? Drop a pebble into a pool and a water wave radiates outward. The wave consists of highs and lows in the water level. Light and radio and cell phone transmissions are also waves: they radiate outward from the sun, from radio antennas or from cell phones. What is […]

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