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Electricity and Magnetism…


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LS5ZwlIJkD4Circuits This is a light introduction to Magnetism and Electricity. Just enough to give you a fundamental understanding of a circuit and enough to set the stage for understanding relays as well. There is an error in this lecture, Silver is a better conductor than Gold as well as copper. Part 1   Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LS5ZwlIJkD4 […]

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Suppressed Medical Discovery…


Suppressed Medical Discovery… Know some one with cancer or aids there is a Kure watch the video… Dr Robert (Bob) Beck. A genius in the field of magnetism and all electricity, he focused the last decade of his life on using micro currents to render all known virus, bacterial and parasites (including HIV!) powerless. This […]

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10 Amazing Inventions From Nikola Tesla.

nikola tesla

Perhaps one of Tesla’s most famous inventions deals directly with energy, something that is the talk of many social and political conversations and something that could be free to everyone if we used Nikola Tesla’s invention. Over the years, as more and more people begin to recognize the game being played in our society, Nikola […]

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What Are The Benefits of Solar Panels?

benefits of solar panels

Solar panels are a great way to use the natural elements of the Earth to create energy. They can be used to collect sunlight and convert it to energy that can be used for electricity.           No matter where you live, home solar panels can be installed by professionals. There are […]

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