Teton Gravity Research Approved Avalanche Safety Gear…

Snow is falling and temps are rising. Stay safe in the backcountry with Teton Gravity Research Approved Avalanche Safety Gear…





The S1 plus Smart Antenna Technology to help YOU get found.

During practice or real-life recoveries, your Ortovox S1+ Avalanche Scanner/Transceiver immediately scans the debris field, showing you how many victims were buried, their orientation in reference to you, and the distance to each signal. Improving the original S1, the 2011 S1+ features Smart Antenna Technology, which actually improves your chances of being recovered by transmitting from the most effective antenna based on its position in the burial.
  • Smart Antenna Technology is the first in the industry to use two of three antennas to transmit your signal, and it turns on or off the antennas that are most likely to be detected based on your orientation beneath the snow
  • Auto Scan function starts scanning as soon as you open the flip-up S1 so you can quickly make the best decisions with the best possible information
  • Navigator uses a bearing line, direction arrow, and distance value to guide you to first victim
  • Fine search mode helps you find the right spot to probe with a clear circle and arrow display as well as the distance down to a tenth of a meter
  • Once you pinpoint one signal, mark it with the glove-friendly flag button and move onto the next victim without other signals clouding your search
  • Also features vital backcountry tools including an inclinometer, compass, and thermometer
  • Neoprene bag with elastic keeper strap secures the S1 to your body with a comfortable strap system
  • Fully updateable microprocessor lets the S1 remain cutting-edge for years.

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