The message at the cross road of this aeon from Floyd Red Crow.

This has to be one of the best messages ever. This man is a descendant from the time before this but an Elder now. He said Columbus started the TRUE First world war… They reduced Native American Indians from 60 million to 800,000, this is their goal today with us the original carbon man (population control). Water was sacred then and you could drink from any river, this is not the case anymore. (This is why the first evil act is to poison the water, Africa, Haiti and the crap that comes out of our taps). As he said if you are not spiritually connected to the Earth you may not make it. The reason for the stories of the Tree of life, Tree of knowledge, Buddha sitting under a tree is because of the interconnecting force/chi/prana/sekhem that is in breath/air. The right and slow breath into your diaphragm will feed your inner tree of life. Yes, we must plant trees, real trees. The tree shares vital energy with us. Everything is spirit and we must know our TrueSelf. Peace and Knowledge to us throughout the ages.
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  1. Tommy - July 29, 2014



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