What Is Light? What Are Radio Waves?

Drop a pebble into a pool and a water wave radiates outward. The wave consists of highs and lows in the water level. Light and radio and cell phone transmissions are also waves: they radiate outward from the sun, from radio antennas or from cell phones. What is “waving”? How are these waves created? Why are they called “electromagnetic?” Why is it that they can tan your skin or be sent and received on your radio or cellphone? We’ll explore the amazing phenomena of electromagnetic waves, which are the basis for many of today’s technologies as well as for the behavior of the natural world around us.

Limits of Light – The Secrets of Nature

An educational video made to help you have better understanding about the theory of light.
In this video you will learn about the basic theory of lights such as reflection, light spreading, refraction and more…

The Science of Light…

What is Light made of ???

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