There is not an energy crisis, there is a scientific suppression crisis…

Marco Tempest tells a visually arresting story about Nikola Tesla — called “the greatest geek who ever lived” — from his triumphant invention of alternating current to his penniless last days.

There is not an energy crisis, there is a scientific suppression crisis. Countless inventors and inventions(covered in this movie) would free us from the bonds that hold us enslaved to the energy cartels. But these invention have been suppressed by the powers that be so that a few business men can profit at the expense of the entire planet.

There is much here (about what) has been suppressed and…about what might be possible. It is an eye-opener.
–­ Lance Webster, Earth Communications

The fate of man depends upon…alternative sources of energy and this tape shows us exactly how.
–­ Dr. Sao Zaw Win, President, Win Research Group

A groundbreaking and inspiring look at the leading theories and practical devices that tap into “zero point energy” – now acknowledged by physicists to exist in all space as a “running river” of infinite and accessible electromagnetic energy.

Follow the fascinating stories of dedicated inventors and scientists engaged in the struggle for revolutionary innovations that will change our collective future forever. This program will transform the way you think about science and the natural laws of the universe by illuminating the historical contributions of the visionaries pioneering this field.

Explore the latest Free Energy breakthroughs, including:

~ Technologies based on working with nature instead of against it.

~ Radical inventions that emit hydrogen and oxygen as by-products.

~Transmutation processes that neutralize radioactive waste.

~ Electric vehicles with magnetic motors that recharge their own batteries.

Featuring: The Patterson cold fusion power cell ~ Troy Reed’s magnetic “Surge” motors ~ Paul Pantone’s GEET processor for increasing fuel efficiency in cars ~ Joseph Newman’s rotating magnet “over unity” motor ~ Dennis Lee’s Low temperature phase-change technologies ~ John Hutchison’s amazing anti-gravity experiments ~ Along with internationally recognized scientists and authors: Tom Bearden ~ Hal Fox ~ Shiuji Inomita Moray King ~ Eugene Mallove ~ Jeanne Manning Brian O’Leary & Tom Valone.

Free and Zero Point Energy from Tesla to Dennis Lee…

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